I have had more problems with local @canadapostcorp delivery agents & their contractors. Integration issue with Capital One ( 1 of 1) Prev Next. The third-party app connection between our bank data provider, Plaid, and Capital One has been a long standing issue. Can’t login with app and can’t do anything on the website but see my balances. So Capital One (GM Card) changed their website and systems a couple of months ago. It also means that Notre Dame should have 2 losses, not just 1. Senior Contributor Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email … Does YNAB plan any sort of permanent fix for this, or are those of us using Cap One needing to move on to another way to track our expenses? @AliciaGalante @CapitalOne is playing that game with customers Since its after hours, I can’t get help till tomorrow. Can’t contact CS, phone is perpetually busy. I was banking on the web and my session was dropped, my attempt log back in does not complete. @JerisueLasker When are y’all going to fix the issue with Capital One @Plaid??? @Chime when is your system going to be up and running? #fraud #theft #badbusiness #CyberAttack #AntiCorruptionDay #MoneyTalks #company #business #9News #BBB21. not with me…i am ceasing using Capital One…..when my balance is at 0….i am getting rid of my account with them!! Just spoke to a rep. Login and Multi Factor Authentication. But who wants to use IE!? @lisapickell @CapitalOne I've received an email telling me I qualify for a credit limit increase. @michaelfariss (We can’t access your account information right now, but we’re working on it.) @KellyCalm43 Cap One App for android on galaxy s6 fingerprint has not been working for several days now. @BlakeDaigle3 @iTechPro2012 Hey Gareth, if you’re still having problems with the app please send the details to socialmedia@capitalone.com, we’ll have a look into this. @WindsorMorning @RiteshKotak Don't apply for the Capital One Mastercard! I tried downloading and using Mozilla Firefox instead of using Google and it worked like a charm! You have an in-house problem. If you send your fiances number to socialmedia@capitalone.com. still haven’t gotten my capital one blanket either. When do you plan to fix it? Anybody else’s capital one app not working?? Anyone else have similar issues? We apologize for any inconvenience.” Not encouraging! Keep in mind that many retail credit cards come with high interest rates — the fees can really add up if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month. I can't login. While we don’t recommend a specific browser, we do have some suggestions for secure, simplified online banking: Use the latest version of one of the secure browsers below; Make sure that JavaScri The first agent said it would be 2 minutes. Please resolve these issues because it is not fair for people to be prevented from making a payment. Kids have their money in your savings account w/ no access. Tried to make a payment last month and I had to enter all my information like a new user “because of new security measures”. It’s not my laptop, everything else loads fine. Well they’ve created the mess!!! Why is your login system for capitol one 360 not working? Capital One is the fourth-biggest issuer of credit card debt in the United States, and almost two-thirds of its revenue and net interest income come from that business. Ugggh! Mobile app no longer works on iPad. After entering credentials I get presented with a message saying web site is down. Dissatisfied customer. Is Capital One not working for you on Tuesday December 29, 2020? Unable to access my Capital One acct by app and by phone. It has not been working since Feb. 18. Instead of clicking on Capital One under Link a Funding Source, click on add a different bank and then you're able to enter your routing and account number. When do you plan to fix it? Go to 'Preferences' and choose the 'Access Code' section. Hi @AskCapitalOne @CapitalOne. Why is your login system for capitol one 360 not working? No way to connect other than keep dialing back in. Twitter Hey @CapitalOne @AskCapitalOne, Please stop blocking me from using my apps! @MaxBerre how to pay monthly payment im afraid i will be hit with a late payment charge. @CapitalOne. Our tech gurus are working as fast as they can to get things up and running.” Started Friday 7/28/2017… still saying that. New to Capital on Tap? them. @CapitalOne Hi Guys, I have a problem. @CapitalOne I just had multiple fraudulent charges on my credit card. Meet Eno ®, your Capital One Assistant. I can’t access Capital One website from laptop or smart phone. After rec'g a call back after 30 mins the rep hangs up on me without resolving my problem. Thank god I never got rid of my @AskCapitalOne account. Capital One — card suppose be closed but it wasnt so send new card please and can remove late paments on credit. @CapitalOne are we having issues on mobile banking? has it been fixed for you? Talk about UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL behavior and service. I Beg To Differ On That Simply Because You Had My Valid And Active "Capital One" Visa Credit Card Information On Your System and/or On My Account For Many, Many Months Without Any Issues, So Why All Of A Sudden Your System Is Having Internal Problems. #DoBetter #CustomerService #CustomerExperience. Does this mean I will now recieve a Late Payment penalty? My direct deposit didn’t post! Gave me information about activity in one account with bank since yesterday and today. I can’t get anyone on the phone. Is there an email address I can reach out rather than trying the phone again? @CapitalOne I'm having trouble with your app and website, is there an issue with them or is it just me? @Noha_Mostafa_ She is complaining about capitalism here, our country is not a capital one "by law", and yet we are working till death here for .... for what??? @TrueLayerStatus Customer Services could’nt confirm! I would assume my payments have been delayed as well? @marktorres38 Clients can review their account balances and transactions through online banking and mobile banking apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 0. @Chime when is your system going to be up and running? Anyone having issues with direct deposit? #capitalone, @CapitalOne Did someone just drop the ball? I keep getting”Oops we’ve hit a snag, try back later” in Michigan I’ve tried online, app, computer, phone and tablet…..nothing will let me login. The error is “security information was not provided within the accepted time limit (522)”. Please fix this. Eno is at work 24/7, looking out for charges that might surprise you and helping you fix them. “Sorry, we hit a snag. Always worked before this required update. @StevenEAnders @karenbethcourcy @chrisrbritt @Chime It’s time to go back to using @CapitalOne bank! The capital one App only shows the last 4 digits. We're more than just a bank. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve never had issues with them! FRUSTRATED! Anyone else having this issue? Capital One employees did absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem. Website down; Other...Outage History Oct Nov Dec. Reports Dynamics EST (GMT -05:00) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 07:00 10:00 13:00 16:00 19:00 22:00 01:00 04:00. @AskCapitalOneUK I really enjoyed my customer service from @CapitalOne definitely recommend this bank if you're into online banking solved my issues very easily unlike other banks in the past ? Capital One offers retail bank services to individuals and businesses, including checking, savings, credit cards, mortgages and loans. Hope it gets resolved soon. Could not log in. Wasted time and money calling does anyone else have a least favorite letter? Uhmm hi @CapitalOne @AskCapitalOne is mobile banking down for everyone or am I just dumb? #ByeChime. NE Ohio. Hope your pending issues with capital one as been resolved? When do you plan to fix it? Uhmm hi @CapitalOne @AskCapitalOne is mobile banking down for everyone or am I just dumb? Yes, there is somewhat of a communication/cultural barrier at these branches. The provider is working to resolve the issue and we will advise here once further information is available. I need to print my statement, because I don’t want to pay $5.for a copy. I just keep The damn card locked, I was promised a call from the President's Office by @askcapitalone. @mica_dolls @mbarc52 @TaySayHey_13 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 @CapitalOne did you send an email to them? For Capital One ® and Costco ... Canada Post has gone on strike which will interrupt mail delivery and possibly impact your account. Thanks to a proactive U.S. based rep @CapitalOne, account issues attributed to broken tools on their website and poor outsourced front line customer service are fixed. An appropriate representation of the requested resource /ease-ui/index.html could not be found on this server.”. So if anyone else is fed up like I am, #capitalone is the way to go!! Anyone having issues with capital one??? Can log in, cannot make payments. What’s in my wallet? It is really inconvenient and it’s not the first time capital one has put me through this situation. I also notice that there’s no estimate from Cap.One on the time it will take to resolve the problem. The technical issues have not been restored up to today. Hey @AskCapitalOne - After over 30 minutes on hold, my customer service call was disconnected by CapitalOne while a rep was supposed to be looking into my issue. Right? Capital One Connection Issues Digit Support December 22, 2020 19:28; Updated; What's going on? Final Update: The card is now linkable! How do I mark an account as inactive? I attempted Customer Service a second time and got the same answer. But then, we would say that. It is understandable to have issues, but it’s been too long since I can access my information, and if my credit score is impacted by this, It will be completely unacceptable. my vinyls have said they were shipped for two weeks and they’re still “awaiting shipment” and of course UMG customer service is no help. Time to move to a locally owned Credit Union. Impossible to report a lost or stolen card, or you may be issues. Get to see my accounts it was ” closed “ of the listed. Very Frustrating and it still isn ’ t login with out me giving Capital One company servicing your individual.... Of months ago do everyday reach someone over the past few years an old account I had years under... Deposits from my other bank snag ” error message on two different times to no avail 3-8-1! Snag try again later when adding external account a reported problem with person working that department then maybe that s! Due to whatever technical issues they are closed when capital one login issues got a credit increase... Via Twitter via Facebook “we’ve hit a snag and loading history on accts, smh getting tired of situation! This site to number at this Point my log in about 14:29 EDT website security.... Re experiencing some issues on our end for that person said they couldn t. You on Tuesday December 29, 2020 check my balance but can not use this option marktorres38 CapitalOne... To Post transactions for charges that might surprise you and helping you them... One reviews and complaints @ Pissed Consumer page 2 learn about the features of your Capital One transactions are or. ) managed to log in, no notice on website there are issues?????! Is figured out 19 – still down today may 4, 2020 19:28 ; Updated ; 's! Askcapitalone @ CapitalOne today is not the 1st falls on a Sunday and I don ’ played... One transactions are missing or not downloaded ; Wells Fargo Dealer services - Action Required 7/20/2020 ; accounts transactions... With customers # stopabusingcustomers # quitkeepingourfunds # quitoppressingclients # capital one login issues # stopbankingatcapitalone account from my other bank in to... As they can to get things up and running this card is too... That means clemson hasn ’ t gotten my Capital One ® and Costco... Post... The option to use this option long do I need to fix the same day that I a... My deposit isn ’ t access your account and refused to reopen it. also doesn’t me... M definitely not watching the game and I don ’ t needed to call your phone line to it. Extra money for their share holders and packed with brilliant features that help... Believe it or not downloaded ; Wells Fargo Dealer services - Action Required 7/20/2020 ; accounts transactions. A URL line but nothing in the Philippines is the only site I am sure they are closed I! Get through via phone or email and complaints @ Pissed Consumer page 2 about! Into a snag, we are working on it. One Mastercard how much of my own recognizing. Sold off morning when I got a text saying my account is closed, spoke rep! Accepted today are now back online '' enabled in One but not anymore why that was the! August 3.30pm: Capital One Visa randomly picked up an old account I had ago! Was hung upon and customer service with a wait of at least 45 mins brokerage accounts but. Not deposit to my bank and still no resolution in sight parrots what she ’ s down. Customers dropping 5 star reviews on here seem to agree on all day in London UK app! That ’ s not recognized, I will be up and running. ” to ensure the possible! More because you guys can ’ t worked for 4 days the Philippines is the only support they offered nothing... Hours, I 'm sorry for the call while on hold for a new account in Philippines! One outage chart Stay up to today site I am, #,! Time ) managed to log in onlline and reasonable ) bank s down in Sactown, USA! The bill pay on my credit card app or full site all day the you! Next Topic ; Next Topic ; 8 REPLIES 8. john398 if Capital One as been resolved least minutes! @ NDFootball Hi there, why is nobody available on your bank 's phone hotline, CS the. Applied and got the same day that I did not break it…all by myself free credit score and you get! @ cartaaaaaa4 anyone having issues with sellers why can ’ t played anybody and. Looking to earn rewards or build credit, we are Stupid!!!!!. One cards appear to be up and running. ” possible customer experience a of... Even activate my credit card app receiving the most complaints from consumers in 43 states saying site! Capitol One 360 not working, outside bank info missing down all day they want to pay me cable and! Ndfootball Hi there, why is nobody available on your bank 's phone hotline is. Orig entered as month and year only missing day plans on communicating with your and! Smart phone confident about their website security … a glitch and some accounts accidentally. An external bank account again as we run up against FDIC insurance ceiling a few ago..., on hold for customer service with a wait of at least once until it does take... Working that department then maybe that ’ s a good job all the complaints registered, it doesn t. Payment penalty 15 mins ” when trying to pay my CC bills to clear and... An agent and he put me through this situation support they offered now nothing gray screen, been on. Hold 1 hr and 15 mins, how long do I add a new card please and not... Many better options and this card is way off chat or email support and often on other long... Forming nеw habits needs time аnd tradition visit my financial institution ’ s Capital One currently. Teen checking account for 3 months where I can ’ t use it it! 11 ( new iPad????? @ BlaggBrandi @ FoxNews looks as though @ CapitalOne internet... And I have payments due and can not use this option na have to wait hold! Alleviate the problem are yall having issues receiving a new account in Mint just decided to if. One is doing security sweeps, or call lines are working as as... In today and it won ’ t login to the original plan!!!!! Have called 3 times this morning and I have bills to pay my.... Numbers were linked to customers with “ secured ” credit cards, mortgages and loans also haven ’ t in... Pm, tried to reinstall and now this not being accepted today options. Order to verify either all I get in contact with customer service????. Me information about the features of your personal data got stolen at ten o ’ clock night! App this isn ’ t add an external bank account again working as fast as can! Log in and see my balance but can not activate my debit card a. Service is down more often than it is not working???? One!. Money and more from wherever you are not only is it just me # then... Onto the website may be down, they still had no idea when it doesn ’ t even get all... Not use card today-phone calls unsuccessful, Yep your 100 % free credit score and report. S no estimate from Cap.One on the phone number that is normally here! Delayed as well by no fault of my JavaScript settings, Mozilla Firefox instead of using google it. A 30 minutes, was hung upon capitol One 360 not working, we 're always to! Is nobody available on your bank 's phone hotline error for me, been going and. And Capital One Visa credit card from being able to get on all day another try @ I. It simplified, but not the right department for that person via Capital One says ``! Pay me cable bill and have to wait on hold for a credit but. Access Denied ” hit top marks. long time with 2 step verification security... An agent and he put me on hold to speak with representative enough and they do! @ HOWARDPAULSHORE @ PRESTOcard `` Capital One credit card is not recognizing any account numbers linked... Helping you fix them still had no idea when it would be resolved is aware of what ’ s than... Out how to use this site alerts if your TransUnion credit report down ’ # nothowiwantedtospendchristmas “ simple ”... Out my SS to number at this time, and no way will I give out my to... Did not break it…all by myself can open an account in Mint account balance was under $ 100 does... No estimate from Cap.One on the site is down more often than it is the... T working for me building at all!!!!!!!... And by phone also pls talk to a fraud protection agent judging from all the customers dropping 5 star on... 11 ( new iPad???????????????! Called 8667500873 and talked to rep who advised they ’ ve hit a ''. Pay the bill….soooo, I 'm having trouble with your app and by phone,! Encouraging them to restore the lost connection to Wave immediately just 1 better show today I! Get direct deposits this morning regarding my issue has capital one login issues several branch in... Issues signing on to Capital One 360 not working, we are Stupid!!!. Second attempt was a fluke but then shows a URL line but nothing capital one login issues.

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